About Us

We learn, we innovate, we never stop


Shanda Group (“Shanda” or “We”) is a privately-owned investment group founded in 1999 by Tianqiao Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and his family as a leading Internet company in China.  Shanda is now headquartered in Singapore with main offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Menlo Park.


Shanda invests across a variety of asset classes, including venture capital, private equity, public securities and real estate, primarily focused on the financial services, technology and healthcare sectors.  We are currently the single largest shareholder of two U.S. listed companies: Lending Club (NYSE: LC) and Community Health Systems (NYSE: CYH), and we are one of the top 3 shareholders of Legg Mason (NYSE: LM).  Our venture capital portfolio comprises 11 advanced technology companies, eight in the U.S., two in Israel and one in Iceland, and more than 120 Chinese companies primarily focused on Internet and mobile applications.  Our real estate arm develops, operates and invests in various types of real estate properties in China and the U.S.  We are also one of the largest timberland owners in North America.


We employ a value-driven approach and seek to invest in companies, regardless of their developmental stage, with strong business fundamentals and great management teams.  We are committed to partnering with truly innovative companies and supporting founders and management teams with the vision and determination to change the world.


Shanda and our founders have been deeply committed to social responsibility and philanthropy.  Through the establishment of the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute, our founders have been working with leading universities and research institutions in the U.S. and China on fundamental brain research with a particular focus on brain discovery, brain treatment and brain development.


Shanda’s corporate culture is anchored on our passion for learning and innovation, and our relentless pursuit of excellence.  We consider these pillars of our corporate culture not only guiding principles in how we conduct ourselves but also our greatest asset and responsibility.