Our Value
Shanda is a “constructivist” investor with several distinct value propositions to our investee companies:

  • Permanent capital and long-term partnership: Our permanent capital allows us to be patient and flexible with respect to our investment approach and time horizon


  • Entrepreneurial and operational insight: As proven entrepreneurs and operators, we understand the needs of founders and management, and can provide insightful and practical support when needed


  • Digital technology expertise: Given our expertise in the Internet and mobile services, we are well-equipped to help traditional businesses achieve digital transformation


  • Extensive global network: Through our extensive network in both China and other major geographical markets, we can bring China to the world and bring the world to China


  • Proven innovation experience: Consistently recognized as one of the most innovative companies, we have a deep appreciation for foresight, courage, persistence and patience that are required to build truly disruptive businesses


  • Sophisticated capital markets skillsets: Our investment team has a long history of executing highly sophisticated Chinese and cross-border capital market transactions