Once upon a time, all stories were told face to face

By the light of the campfire, storytellers watched the faces of their audience and adjusted their tales based on their reactions.

The printed word changed all that. As ink dried on paper, stories became permanent, unchanging.

Centuries later, the burgeoning Chinese entertainment industry was turning to the printed word for inspiration. There were many golden nuggets to be found, but much digging was needed to unearth them.

The catalyst
for change


It was in this moment that we had a vision of how to mine these riches and remove unpredictability from the content origination process.

Online serialization was emerging from the grassroots, but with little or no revenue, these communities were struggling to survive.

Shanda saw an opportunity to step in and offer this fledgling fraternity a guiding hand.

An opportunity to turn a pastime into an industry.

And so the first chapter was written

Shanda Literature

Shanda Literature nurtured and grew all the popular literary genres, giving them an online home with the functionality and business structure we’d developed building China’s most successful online games platform.

We’d set the story free again, turning readers into writers, making every member of the community a part of the creative process.

User generated content

published chapter by chapter

Community interaction

amongst readers and authors



Masses of Data

that could be mined


By mining this big data we created valuable entertainment industry insights that we were able to monetize



  • PC
  • Mobile
Content export

Content export

  • Mobile operators
  • Reading apps
  • Audio books
IP licensing

IP licensing

  • TV drama
  • Movies
  • Games
Online advertising

Online advertising

  • Target verticals
Offline publishing

Offline publishing

  • Novels
  • Comic books

We created revenue, rewards, incentives and income, and the community started to grow, and grow, and grow.

Proven original content with big data

The ability of readers to feed back to writers meant that popular content flourished exponentially. And by analyzing the vast quantities of data created by millions of users reading and reacting to millions of titles, we were able to take the guesswork out of content production.

The golden nuggets simply rose to the top.

For the first time in history

Film, TV drama and game producers were able to invest in intellectual property that would yield proven and predictable fortunes.


This library in the cloud had come of age, so we gave it a new name...

The world's
largest ecosystem

of original Chinese language content


200m+ users



7.6m+ titles


written by

2.5m+ authors

A King indeed.


Cloudary Net Revenues 2008-2014 (RMB million)

As China’s appetite for entertainment continued to grow, the next chapter of success beckoned. Securing the right channel for distribution became vital.

The paradigm shift from PC to mobile was happening

King Maker


It was time for us to take Cloudary to the next level and beyond.

By looking to the future, Shanda merged Cloudary with Tencent’s powerful mobile distribution.

china literature logo

A giant with incredible potential

A force to be reckoned with.


Then, in November 2017, China Literature (772:HK) leapt onto the world stage becoming Hong Kong’s hottest IPO, with a retail subscription of HK$520 billion, the second highest in the market’s history.

Another chapter in "Shanda the King Maker"... but by no means the last.

Stay tuned for the next story.