Shanda Timeline


In 1999, Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo founded Shanda Interactive Entertainment. Originally an online game company, Shanda would blaze a unique path to success and expand to become an online entertainment conglomerate.


In 2014, Shanda began a new chapter when it became a private investment firm focused on identifying innovative technologies and business models that can change the world.

About the Shanda Icon


Shanda’s logo was designed to reflect our Chinese heritage and to symbolize our role as a catalyst and king maker, helping innovative businesses thrive.


The first part of the icon is the letter A, representing the best of the best.


A calligraphic brush stroke from Shanda’s Founder and Chairman, Tianqiao Chen, serves to unite the Eastern and Western characters and in doing so, transforms the icon into the Da character “大” meaning big.


This reflects our desire to help the best get bigger.