The vision of Chen Frontier Labs is to enrich people’s lives with brain- and mind-related technology. Shanda’s founders are building the world’s first laboratories focused on identifying, validating, and incubating neuroscience research that can help mass populations. The Chen Frontier Lab for Applied Neurotechnology was first announced in October, 2020. The second Lab, focused on Mental Health and Artificial Intelligence was announced in July 2021.


Founded by the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute and staffed partly by visiting Chen Investigators from around the world, these well-resourced, interdisciplinary labs are unconstrained by the demands of conventional academic institutions.


With its close connections to industry and a thriving global network of scientists, engineers, and clinicians, Chen Frontier Labs aspire to generate far-reaching impact by taking advantage of new cutting-edge technology and novel applications of artificial intelligence (AI).