Shanda Ventures

Shanda has always wanted to change the world. As with our philanthropic focus, we believe that human-oriented deep technology has tremendous potential to do this: gene-editing, robotics, anti-aging and brain-related. New, emerging AI technologies are also impacting the world and are part of our investment focus.


To support future innovation, Shanda has invested in 74 up-and-coming, early-stage VC funds under 42 General Partners.

We monitor their portfolios and invest directly when we see best-in-class companies.





Enhancing the living environment by counteracting harmful bacteria and germs. Developing new therapies to counteract genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell Anemia and Muscular Dystrophy.



Micro, Nano and Mini Robotics. A new frontier in surgery and medical diagnosis/ monitoring. Prosthetics that connect to a patient’s central nervous system and ingestible robotics that release precision drugs at regular intervals.



Breakthroughs in understanding what happens when we age and advances in symptom management. Regenerative medicine targeted at slowing the aging process. New discoveries in nutritional intake and improved medical devices.



New opportunities in neuroscience such as neurosensing, neurosignaling and neuroplasticity. Improvements in VR, AR, AI and brain-machine interfaces. Future breakthroughs in digital therapeutics for health and mental issues, sleep and natural language processing.

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